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Candidates for Dental Bridges By Dr. Treiber on February 26, 2015

A man smiling in his homeDr. Bruce Treiber is one of the leading dentists in the greater Canton area, offering advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry services that enhance dental health and wellness. When patients are missing teeth, they can count on Dr. Treiber to help them with their needs. One effective treatment for many people who are missing a tooth or a few teeth is a dental bridge, which we'd like to consider in more detail right now.

About Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are appliances that are designed to replace missing teeth and fill the gap that the missing teeth have left behind. The dental bridge is removable and is held in place by latching around the remaining tooth structure that is adjacent to the tooth gap.

With a dental bridge in place, a patient will be able to smile again with confidence and also bite and chew as they did prior to losing their teeth.

General Candidacy for Dental Bridges

Ideal candidates for dental bridges are people who are missing a few teeth who still have healthy and natural tooth structure adjacent to the tooth gap. This is crucial since the stability and viability of the dental bridge is defined by the tooth structure that is adjacent to the tooth gap.

The Extent of Tooth Loss Defines the Ideal Treatment

If a patient is missing many teeth in a row, a dental bridge may not be an ideal treatment option to consider. This is because there is little support for the bridge when a person is missing many or most of the teeth along the dental arch. In these cases, an alternative to dental bridges will need to be considered, such as a partial denture or full denture. Dentures are held in place by gripping onto the jawbone and gum tissue that is along the dental ridge rather than latching around remaining teeth.

Realistic Expectations About Dental Bridges and Proper Care

It's important that patients who may be getting a dental bridge have realistic expectations about what the bridge can achieve. A dental bridge is strong and stable, though it can slip or fall out in some instances. This is natural, and while it can be inconvenient or even embarrassing, it can happen. With proper fitting and design, we help reduce the chances of these slippages from occurring.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridges: Fixed Bridge Option #1

While removable dental bridges are the norm for many patients, there are also fixed-bridge alternatives to keep in mind. These fixed bridges are less likely to budge or fall out.

One type of fixed dental bridge is the implant-supported dental bridge. This involves the use of dental implants (artificial tooth roots surgically placed in the jawbone and gum tissue) to anchor the bridge in place.

Crown-Supported Dental Bridges: Fixed Bridge Option #2

Another fixed bridge option to consider is the crown-supported dental bridge. This is a dental bridge that is fixed in place thanks to crowns on the sides of the bridge that cap the natural teeth on either side of the tooth gap.

Contact Dr. Bruce Treiber

For more information about dental bridges and how they can help you bite and chew normally and smile with confidence, it's important that you contact our cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. Dr. Treiber and the entire team here look forward to your visit and helping you achieve the best dental health possible.

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