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Get the Facts on Root Canal Therapy By Dr. Treiber on May 26, 2015

Older male and female with healthy and attractive smilesChances are, you’ve heard some information about root canal infections that has made you hope to never have to deal with this oral health problem and the treatment that follows. Unfortunately, many of what you’ve heard is probably misinformation. While it is, of course, ideal to preserve the health of the teeth so that a root canal infection never develops, root canal therapy is a restorative dentistry treatment that renews the strength of the teeth and eliminates the painful side effects of a root canal infection. Root canal therapy is performed with the utmost care so that minimal discomfort is felt and maximum restorative results are achieved. Let Dr. Bruce E. Treiber address some of the concern you may have regarding root canal treatment. To learn more about the root canal therapy procedure, contact our Denton office.

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

Root canal therapy is performed with local anesthetic in order to eliminate pain and discomfort during treatment. The truth is that root canal therapy treatment is far less painful than the root canal infection, which can cause side effects such as swelling, tooth sensitivity, and oral pain.

What Happens During Treatment?

Root canal therapy allows Dr. Trieber to remove unhealthy, infected pulp from the center of the tooth. This damaged material is eliminated and then small files are used to clean the tooth all the way down the canals of the roots. Once the tooth has been cleansed of infection and harmful bacteria, a dental compound will be used to fill the tooth to maintain its strength and structure. As an added layer of protection, the tooth will also be fitted with a dental crown.

Can Root Canal Therapy Make Me Sick?

One piece of misinformation that many patients have heard is that root canal therapy can release bacteria into the blood stream and affect a person’s health. There is no medical evidence that backs this claim. There are bacteria in the mouth and the amount of bacteria is higher in patients with a root canal infection. But root canal therapy eliminates the bacteria. It is actually more threatening to let a root canal infection go untreated.

Do I Have to Undergo Treatment?

It is very important to treat a root canal infection and to do so in a timely manner. If left untreated, infection will continue to spread. This can affect the tooth and surrounding bone and may eventually lead to tooth loss. As infection spreads, adjacent teeth will also be vulnerable to infection. There really is no reason to avoid root canal therapy, as it can save your natural tooth and help you to avoid much more serious oral health problems.

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