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To best serve patients in Canton, we are pleased to announce the collaboration of Bruce Treiber, DDS and Amison Dental Group.

Please call (330) 452-2255 to learn more about our merger. 

General Dentistry for the Entire Family

A woman in the dentist's chair smilesWhether you need a regular cleaning, sleep apnea treatment, emergency dental care, or checkups for the kids, Treiber Dental has you covered. Founded and operated by dentist Bruce Treiber, we provide our Canton patients with state-of-the-art treatment and friendly, compassionate service. Dr. Treiber has a conservative approach to dentistry, and never subjects his patients to over-treatment. Meanwhile, he is extremely thorough in evaluation and examination, and will never neglect a necessary procedure. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Family and Special Needs Dentistry

Treiber Dental is a practice serving the entire family. We understand that patients of different ages have their own unique needs and concerns, and we are happy to accommodate. We often have entire families who come to us for treatment, and we are proud to watch our young patients grow up. In fact, many of the patients we treated as children are now bringing their own kids to us!

Dr. Treiber is also passionate about treating special needs patients, and was specially trained in this area during his residency program at Cleveland Metro General Hospital. We treat our special needs patients with the utmost respect and sensitivity, and do everything in our power to make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Preventative Dentistry

At Treiber Dental, we offer advanced oral surgery, but we would prefer that our patients never need it! Knowing that proper preventative care is the best way to treat dental problems, we offer comprehensive cleaning and examinations on a regular basis. We provide fluoride, mouth rinses, oral cancer screening, and even nutritional counseling to ensure optimal dental health and a beautiful smile. Our office is also equipped with a cutting-edge digital radiograph machine, which reduces radiation by two-thirds, compared to all-analog machines. In all cases, we only take x-rays as needed.

Periodontal Care

When it comes to oral health, your gums are just as important as your teeth. Gum disease is a serious medical condition that occurs when pockets of bacteria develop below the gum line. The disease can cause irritation, bleeding, a receding gum line, and eventual tooth and bone loss. Our three excellent hygienists use an ultrasonic scaler to actually break down the bacterial cell membranes before they are removed. During this procedure, our patients’ comfort is the top priority, and we do all in our power to minimize discomfort and help them feel relaxed. We also offer several types of anesthesia, based on your preferences and specific situation.

Root Canal Therapy

Each tooth is filled with a soft pulp. When tooth decay advances to the pulp, the bacteria may quickly multiply, leading to pain and further infection. During a root canal, Dr. Treiber removes the infected pulp and nerve tissue, preserving the healthy outer tooth structure. He then seals the tooth and performs any necessary restoration, such as attaching a crown. As with all our procedures, we focus on patient comfort during root canal therapy. We try to perform the procedure in one visit when possible. For further comfort, we darken the room and use music to help patients relax. We often encourage our patients to bring listening devices loaded with their favorite music.

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Dr. Treiber

Bruce E. Treiber, DDS

The office of Bruce E. Treiber is a comprehensive dentistry practice providing care to patients of all ages throughout Canton, OH. Our founder, Dr. Bruce Treiber, is experienced in providing a range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services. He is proudly associated with:

  • Pierre Fauchard Academy
  • ODA: Ohio Dental Association
  • SCDS: Stark County Dental Society
  • ADA: American Dental Association
  • AGD: Academy of General Dentistry

Whether you need a general cleaning, dental implants, or virtually any other type of dental care, we encourage you to request a consultation online or call (330) 478-4949

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