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To best serve patients in Canton, we are pleased to announce the collaboration of Bruce Treiber, DDS and Amison Dental Group.

Please call (330) 452-2255 to learn more about our merger. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Canton

Traditional vs. Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

Traditional/removable dental bridges and implant-supported fixed appliances are both good restorative dentistry options for missing teeth.

Posted by Dr. Treiber on Aug 26, 2017

Are You a Good Candidate for a Custom Mouth Guard?

Find out whether you or your child is a good candidate for a custom mouth guard that can hold up to the wear and tear…

Posted by Dr. Treiber on May 26, 2017

What Causes Damaged Fillings and Crowns?

When dental fillings and crowns are damage, they will need to be repaired or replaced. Let's look at what causes these issues.

Posted by Dr. Treiber on Feb 28, 2017

These Bad Habits Negatively Impact Dental Health

Bad health habits can lead to poor dental health. Here are some common bad habits you should avoid in order to improve your dental health.

Posted by Dr. Treiber on Nov 26, 2016

Dry Mouth and Dental Damage: How to Protect Your Smile

Dry mouth and dental damage go hand in hand. Learn how you can protect your smile from dry mouth and dental damage.

Posted by Dr. Treiber on Aug 26, 2016

Why Do Porcelain Veneers Have to Be Replaced?

Porcelain veneers are an irreversible treatment, meaning that if they become dislodged or worn, they will have to be replaced.

Posted by Dr. Treiber on May 26, 2016

Root Planing and Scaling Treatment

One of the most effective periodontal treatments is root planing and scaling, which is also called a deep cleaning.

Posted by Dr. Treiber on Feb 26, 2016

Dental Exams and Cleanings: An Important Part of a Healthy Smile

General dentistry is a great option for preventative care, improving your dental health and preventing cavities and gum disease.

Posted by Dr. Treiber on Nov 26, 2015

General Dentistry Treatments for Bad Breath

Dr. Treiber offers numerous general dentistry treatments for bad breath, including dental cleanings, mouthwashes, tongue scraping, and dietary changes.

Posted by Dr. Treiber on Aug 26, 2015

Get the Facts on Root Canal Therapy

Learn about what really happens when you undergo root canal therapy treatment with Dr. Bruce E. Treiber.

Posted by Dr. Treiber on May 26, 2015

Dr. Treiber

Bruce E. Treiber, DDS

The office of Bruce E. Treiber is a comprehensive dentistry practice providing care to patients of all ages throughout Canton, OH. Our founder, Dr. Bruce Treiber, is experienced in providing a range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services. He is proudly associated with:

  • Pierre Fauchard Academy
  • ODA: Ohio Dental Association
  • SCDS: Stark County Dental Society
  • ADA: American Dental Association
  • AGD: Academy of General Dentistry

Whether you need a general cleaning, dental implants, or virtually any other type of dental care, we encourage you to request a consultation online or call (330) 478-4949

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